Jacket Material: Soft PE
Conductor Material: Supreme Level OCC Copper
Conductor Gauge: 26awg as conductors and close to 24awg as shielding
Number of Conductors: 4 conductors and 4 shielding

The 1950s

Jacket Material : Nylon Jacket,PU insulation,Teflon cover

Conductor Material : OCC copper wirh litz

Conductor Gauge: 26AWG

Number of Conductors : 2 positive Conductors and 2 negative Conductors

The 1960s

Jacket Material : PVC black with Pattern
Conductor Material : extruded copper with special LITZ
Conductor Gauge: 28AWG as core conductor and 24awg as shielding
Number of Conductors : 4 wires 8 conductors

The 1980s