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Epoch Pro Shielding Jumper / Adapter

Epoch Pro Shielding Jumper / Adapter

PWaudio Epoch Pro 各款轉接線、對錄線,全部帶有屏蔽,應用 Shielding+ 屏蔽技術,導絕外來干擾以及左、右互相干擾! Type C > 4.4mm 應用了ALC5686晶片,傳送音樂更高清 定價HKD999

【High CP】Latest PWaudio Epoch Pro adapters and jumpers, all equipped with Shielding+ technology to eliminate external interference and mutual interference between left and right channels! Type C > 4.4mm incorporates the ALC5686 chip for Hi-Res Music Priced at USD128


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