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Saladin is made up of seven sets of compressed and deoxidized wire. Three are silver-plated deoxidized compressed copper, and the other four are just deoxidized compressed copper. It performs well dynamically and is good for songs with a strong beat. Enough medium and low frequencies, Vocal and background have a high degree of separation, the sound is transparent, and there’s a wide sense of space.

PW Audio Vanquish series uses a special alloy composition, inheriting the structure of the sevenfold-pipe series. The seven sets of wire cores inside the wire are in twisted structure, which is faster than straight-line transmission, thus lower the signal loss. The conductor is deoxidized and compressed, and the core is compressed to less than 0.9mm. The compressed conductor makes the crystallized cross section greatly reduced to close to zero, improving the current transfer rate, and tightening the twist at the same time, further increase the transmission speed, and improve sound transparency and reducing noise.

  • Product Info

    Jacket Material : Crystal Clear PVC

    Conductor Material : 4 Groups of Extreded and deoxygenated Copper, 3 Groups of Silver plated extruded and deoxygenated Copper Conductor Gauge: 34AWG X 7 Groups

    Number of Conductors : 4 (8)

  • Return Policy

    1. Exchanges must be requested within 7 days of the date of delivery.
    2. Returns or cancellations are not accepted in principle.
    3. Once you receive the goods, please check immediately whether the product is complete and in good condition.
    4. For after-sales service, please contact PRAESTO TRADING LIMITED.

  • Shipping Info

    1. PWAUDIO will produce your order on the next day, and all local orders will be shipped by SF Express after completion. Orders will be delivered within two working days after shipment.
    2. Depending on the destination, it may take 5 days to China, and it may take longer in overseas areas.
    3. As long as the purchase is over HKD500, there is no shipping fee.


    Starting from 2021, PWAudio has switched to use eco-friendly packaging #INVISIBLEBAG  to reduce the impact on the environment. It looks like a plastic bag but actually made of materials which are non-toxic and biodegradable. Simply dissolve it in hot water and flush it down the toilet. More about #INVISIBLEBAG:


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