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First TimeS

First TimeS

First TimeS reminds you of the first time you listened to music.
PW Audio spent over six months creating different copper wire structures, using the same body structure as Orpheus. The sound of the First TimeS changes with how it’s used, making every once in a while feel like the first time you listen to it. 

The Copper Magician — Peter Wong
PW Audio is widely known for its copper cables. Founder, Peter Wong, excels in using various processing methods to create ever-changing sounds. From the entry-level Copper 28 v2 to the Initial, Century Series 1950s, 60s, 80s, and Orpheus, only copper is used as the conductor material. "Copper" is the most basic conductor for IEM cables. To make each product have an unique personality requires a great deal of time and effort in research and development. First TimeS took more than half a year to test, and once again brought copper to new heights. 

Peter's research found that, given the same number of wire cores, sound performance is better with insulators in terms of details, sound field, and high frequency. However, Peter was not satisfied with that, as a result, he tried to compare multi-layer enameling with single-layer enameling. After two years of testing and screening materials, he finally grasped the essence of this structure and applied it to Orpheus. There are seven sets of wire cores in each strand of Orpheus. Each set of cores is covered with an independent insulator and multi-layer enameled. Finally, TRP insulation is added to the outermost layer of each strand. Based on the success of Orpheus, PW Audio applied this technology to their new model using the same wire body structure but different copper wire structure — First TimeS.

Sound Performance
First TimeS has no specific orientation and could be used with different IEM or DAP. It provides a lot of details, resulting in high definition and high dynamics, you can feel every detail from ultra-low to ultra-high frequency. In terms of vocal expression, it is even more fascinating and deeply immersive. With a dark background, you can feel the natural sound and wide sound field.

Shielding Version 
The shielding version has an extra layer makeing the background even darker,  also providing a different feeling. It slightly restrains the low frequency and sound field, exudes the gorgeous sense of high frequency, enhances the texture of mid frequency, and expresses the sound calmly - everything is under the control of First TimeS Shielding.

  • Product Info

    Jacket Material : soft PVC, PVC, Soft FEP, Cotton
    Conductor Material :  Supreme Level OCC Copper (each group of wire cores is independently insulated + multi-layer enameled; outer layer TRP insulation) 
    Conductor Gauge: 26.5AWG
    Number of Conductors :            4 Wired
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