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The 1960s SE
  • The 1960s SE

    The SE version is the last 100pcs in the world, a perfect representation of the 1960s with its unique sound quality and design. The 1960s SE cable is a combination of PW Audio's craftsmanship and technology, making it a timeless classic.

    The Century Series from PW Audio presents music of different ages, each representing the unique characteristics of those eras. The use of high-quality copper material, along with different processing methods, shielding and insulation technologies, has enabled PW Audio to create unique sound expressions that take copper wire to a whole new level. With the Century Series, you can truly experience the transformation of each era and enjoy the beauty of classical and popular music.

    • Product Info

      The 1960s brought a strong sense of rhythm to the world of Free Jazz, which created a beat and excitement that was hard to forget. The three-band performance was also remarkable, allowing for the music to evolve and for listeners to be brought into a unique musical world. To ensure that the sound is of the highest quality, single crystal copper is used to make the wires, as its surface is smooth and free of obstruction. The positive pole of the plug utilizes Teflon as the conductor, offering stability and resistance to external factors, while the negative pole is made of PVC and welded together to reduce noise and interference. This combination of components ensures that the beat is felt in an accurate and reliable way..The SE Version has undergone amazing changes in its structure, making them even clearer and brighter. By using PW's private collection of solders, coupled with their mysterious welding method, the sound of the 1960s has become even more captivating. Finally, with the addition of the Pentaconn OFC 4.4mm, one of the top plugs in the earphone industry, this combination has been pushed to the very top. Once you've heard or owned a 1960s, you'll be able to hear the obvious difference in its friendly tone of voice.

      • Jacket Material : Nylon Jacket ,PU insulation,Teflon cover
      • Conductor Material : PW's private collection
      • Conductor Gauge: 26AWG
      • Number of Conductors : 2 positive and 2 negative 
    • Return Policy

      1. Exchanges must be requested within 7 days of the date of delivery.
      2. Returns or cancellations are not accepted in principle.
      3. Once you receive the goods, please check immediately whether the product is complete and in good condition.
      4. For after-sales service, please contact PRAESTO TRADING LIMITED.

    • Shipping Info

      1. PWAUDIO will produce your order on the next day, and all local orders will be shipped by SF Express after completion. Orders will be delivered within two working days after shipment.
      2. Depending on the destination, it may take 5 days to China, and it may take longer in overseas areas.
      3. As long as the purchase is over HKD500, there is no shipping fee.