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The 1960s MK2
  • The 1960s MK2

    The Century Series' most powerful combination, the first batch of The 1960s MKII limited to 10 pieces in Hong Kong. The 1960s, which made PWAudio famous, has finally come to MK II. Peter Wong has always focused on researching cable structures, especially "copper". In this second generation, there are changes in the overall structure, adopting the wire structure of The 1950s, once again bringing "copper wire" to new territory. With the support of The 1950s structure, The 1960s MKII simultaneously takes into account emotional expression and fine details, making vocals more lifelike and instrument texture clearer. The application of the new zero-plated oxygen-free copper plug allows for more direct signal transmission and less sound distortion.

    The sevenfold-pipe technology has been applied multiple times to PWAudio's new flagship cables. It has also been utilized in The 1960s MKII, where the twisting pattern enables faster message transmission speed with less loss.


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