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Meet Agains
  • Meet Agains

    Meet again and explore possibilities. In past decade, PWAudio has tried different conductors, but the variability copper could provide have kept him researching. During his research, Peter found that even some small and inconspicuous parts of copper can have a great impact on sound quality. These research datas have been sorted and represent with code names. The research value of these copper is so important that it is not a suitable time to make them public, so they are expressed as Copper Lv1, 2, and 3— with LV3 being the highest level among the three levels.Structure is very important to the cable, and only a good structure of the cable can play its due sound—so Meet Agains need to be equipped with PW Audio's best existing structure: Orpheus. This will bring audiophiles an experience worth looking forward to.Meet Agains doesn't have a strong personality, but is highly configurable. It has strong control over the sound and dynamic performance while retaining the original direction and characteristics of the earphones—with distinct layers and excellent texture.

    • Product Info

       Jacket Material : PVC and Nylon jacket
      Conductor Material :  Copper Lv3, Orpheus structure
      Conductor Gauge: 26AWG
       Number of Conductors :            4 Wired
    • Return Policy

      1. Exchanges must be requested within 7 days of the date of delivery.
      2. Returns or cancellations are not accepted in principle.
      3. Once you receive the goods, please check immediately whether the product is complete and in good condition.
      4. For after-sales service, please contact PRAESTO TRADING LIMITED.

    • Shipping Info

      1. PWAUDIO will produce your order on the next day, and all local orders will be shipped by SF Express after completion. Orders will be delivered within two working days after shipment.
      2. Depending on the destination, it may take 5 days to China, and it may take longer in overseas areas.
      3. As long as the purchase is over HKD500, there is no shipping fee.

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