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Sony WM1A/WM1Z to 4.4mm

Sony WM1A/WM1Z to 4.4mm

Many users have switched to 4.4mm plugs recently, but the DAP might not support 4.4mm. Replacing front end is expensivde and music enthusiasts generally own different cables. PW Audio has designed a 4.4mm converter (shielding box) for different players and front ends to make it more convenient and increase playability at the same time.

Advantages of 4.4mm TRRRS
The positive and negative poles of the left and right channels of the balanced terminal are independent, so the signal is transmitted with less noise interference, resulting in cleaner sound and less distortion. The 4.4mm balanced plug (TRRRS) is divided into five sections: the positive pole of the left channel, the negative pole of the left channel, the positive pole of the right channel, the negative pole of the right channel and a ground pole. When grounded, this ground pole acts as a shield against noise, making for even purer sound. Not only does it offer balanced characteristics, it also increases durability. Additionally, the contact surface allows for more effective information transmission.

The converter uses both output ports of the front-end/player simultaneously. With the help of the 2.5mm balanced terminal and the 3.5mm grounding, the converter is able to achieve a 4.4mm shielding effect. Even better results can be achieved with PW Audio's 4.4mm shielding IEM cable.

3D printing
The distance between the output port of the equipment is accurately measured, and the inner layer is professionally 3D printed. The CNC aluminum shell is accurate. The inner wire of the machine is then manually welded to perfectly fit your front end/player, forming a one-piece shape.


  • Product Info

    Specification :

    Female Plug: Pentaconn PCB 4.4mm Balance
    Inner Wire: 28AWG Compressed Copper  / The 1960s 

    Compatible with:                

    Sony WM1A、WM1Z

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