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Orpheus Lite【Exchange Only】
  • Orpheus Lite【Exchange Only】

    Orpheus Lite is made with the same level of copper material as Orpheus. It replaces the seven individually wrapped copper wires with a 1950s structure. It also includes grounding and shielding treatment on the second layer conductor, using PWAudio's highest standard shielding technology - Shielding Pro. The shielding covers from the headphone plug to the 4.4mm jack, with four independent shielding for each of the left, right, positive, and negative poles to avoid interference between the four poles and external interference.


    The wide and boundless soundstage may be the main selling point for other cables, but for Orpheus Lite, it is just its basic element. Its unique design allows it to achieve the effect of incorporating the sound quality of floor-standing speakers into a small pair of headphones. The sound of the cable is natural and transparent, with smooth high frequencies like silk, and it handles ultra-high frequencies with ease. The performance across the entire frequency range is seamless, creating a natural atmosphere for the music.


    The plug is specially made of zero-plated oxygen-free copper plug, which makes the signal transmission more direct and less stained.


    The following cable can be used as HKD$12,000

    - The 1960s 4wired Shielding

    - The 1960s SE 4wired Shielding


    The following cable can be used as HKD$10000

    - The 1960s 4wired

    - The 1960s SE 4wired

    - Oriolus jp Traillii Original Cable

    - UM attile 


    The following cable can be used as HKD$5000

    - The 1960s 2wired

    - August Fun

    - Empire Stormbreaker

    • Return Policy

      1. Exchanges must be requested within 7 days of the date of delivery.
      2. Returns or cancellations are not accepted in principle.
      3. Once you receive the goods, please check immediately whether the product is complete and in good condition.
      4. For after-sales service, please contact PRAESTO TRADING LIMITED.

    • Product Info

      Conductor Material 26 AWG Copper
      Jacket Material Soft PVC, Nelon
      Number of Conductors 4wired
    • Shipping Info

      1. PWAUDIO will produce your order on the next day, and all local orders will be shipped by SF Express after completion. Orders will be delivered within two working days after shipment.
      2. Depending on the destination, it may take 5 days to China, and it may take longer in overseas areas.
      3. As long as the purchase is over HKD500, there is no shipping fee.